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Math High Stakes Testing is in May, but just REST and RELAX!

Our children have their high stakes math testing in the months of April-May and as your educational consultant, my advice is for you to tell them to REST and RELAX during testing. You might be thinking, “What? She wants my kid to rest and relax?” Keep reading to find out what I am talking about.

At their core, students want to do their best, and as the responsible adults in their lives, we want them to be successful. Our children have worked for 9 months with the teachers, have done hundreds of hours of homework, taking quizzes and tests. Now, after all of this hard work, the big moment---the standardized Math test is here! As the adults in their lives (be it teachers, parents, coaches, etc), it falls upon to teach our children strategies to be successful on the big test. Today I would like to share two strategies that you can practice with your students:

Realize you are anxious

Engage a strategy to manage your stress

Sit up straight

Time to get back to work

Remember, it is healthy to recognize when your student is anxious and empower with him or her with ways to overcome the anxiety, and then implement a strategy to answer a question. Always let your students know how much you believe in them so that they can do their best on the test!  Please comment below to contribute your best strategies and advice for high stakes testing.

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Dr. Eyleen Ortiz
Dr. Eyleen Ortiz
Apr 10, 2019

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